In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

Benjamin Franklin

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Probate is certainly complex, but Norfolk Probate Services can offer to you a bespoke probate service. We will handle the sale of property, distribution of assets, dealing with HMRC payments and calculations of tax, house clearances, auctions and valuations.  We will prepare all court applications and obtain the Grant of Probate.
Certainly a daunting task at a time when there are emotions to deal with, but the situation can be compounded by complex assets, possible debts and a complicated will.

We are often asked how long the administration will take, but there is no simple answer. Beneficiaries must be contacted and interviews arranged; enquiries are sent out to establish assets and liabilities, responses are awaited. Often estates are complex . An administration may take between three and six months but this can never be guaranteed.

We offer a cost effective and  personal, professional  service – Contact us today.

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